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Whether you have a small business or a large business when you recruit a new member of staff it has an impact on your business.  Getting the right person is fantastic, they will fit in, they will be able to do the job that you employed them for and produce the outcomes that you need for your business and you won’t be disappointed.  But if you have ever been disappointed then it is good to know that you can help to avoid this when you are recruiting again by using assessments as part of your recruitment and selection process.

STP Logo IconWhy use Assessments as part of your recruitment process?

Employing the wrong person has a direct cost to your business in wasted hours, agency fees and also in loss of performance outputs which often translate into lost business and profits.
Putting the right people into the right roles in your organisation ensures:

  • Maximum productivity
  • Minimal conflict
  • Low absenteeism
  • Job satisfaction
  • People’s competencies and personality fit the role in order that they can excel
  • Reduces staff turnover

STP Logo IconVacancies

When you have a candidate for a vacancy that you are trying to fill then you need to check that they have the ability to do the job, can do the right behaviours which equal the right performance that you need and have the right motivation to do the type of work that the job entails.
Using our assessments and expertise we can assess:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Behavioural characteristics
  • Personality attributes
  • Occupational interests
  • Potential for success in specific roles

STP Logo IconIdentifying

We are expert at identifying the most appropriate staff assessment and recruitment options for your business. Using a mixture of face to face and on-line tools including 360 degree survey, we provide in-depth and detailed analysis of the results and agree programmes of personal development.
Assessments include:

  • Psychometric Profiling for Sales people, Operational staff, Managers and Leaders Selection
  • Language and Behaviour Profiling
  • Job Analysis
  • Job Matching

STP Logo IconRecruitment Process Support

Skilled interviewers are few and far between.

Let us coach your staff in order to:

  • Develop a proper interview structure
  • Develop and prepare appropriate questions
  • Identify the correct interview technique for specific roles
  • Measure candidates consistently
  • Protect interviewers from unwittingly discriminating against a candidate
  • Protect your business from potential prosecution.
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