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Jackie Casey is a Consultant and Trainer in LAB Profiling, a profiling tool that has been developed as a way of identifying a person’s motivational patterns. We all have our own way of how we experience the world which determines the language that we use to ourselves and the words that we speak. Within the language that a person uses it is possible to identify the patterns that trigger that person’s motivation or cause them to take action and then how they maintain their motivation. LAB Profile has a number of applications.

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In the recruitment and selection process understanding what triggers motivation in someone is extremely useful and helps you to have an insight into how to manage them.

For example, it might be useful to know if your candidate prefers and is motivated by process or procedural type of work or if they prefer lots of variety in their work very much the same as how a traditional psychometric assessment would help you, except that the LAB Profile is a conversational assessment and can be done during any conversation.

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In a sales the LAB profile enables you to understand what triggers motivation in your potential customer and can make the difference to whether they sign up to your product or service.

For example, identifying if your prospect is motivated to gain something or avoid a consequence when they buy from you can really help you to use the right words to your potential client and speed up the decision making process. This advanced sales training is for experienced sales people.

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In marketing the LAB profile can really come into its own and help you to ensure that you use the appropriate words which trigger the motivation in your target client to take action e.g. pick up the phone, buy your product or service.

Writing your copy in the right way can really ensure that you hit the ‘spot’ with your audience. We train you to understand your ‘audiences’ typical patterns so that you write to match the patterns that they have and which trigger motivation in them. This can be done in a training setting or as a consultancy service.

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LAB Profile training, if you are a Trainer, Coach, in Sales or delivering Therapeutic services, understanding the LAB profile can be extremely useful and help you to enhance your effectiveness with your clients.

By training in the LAB Profile you can learn to adapt or present an idea or intervention so that your client is more open to an idea or willing to try something out.   Your clients can understand themselves, make decisions and communicate more effectively.  In sales the LAB profile enables you to adapt your communication to match your client so that you present ideas in the right way.

Get in touch if you would like to know more about LAB profile training and how this can help you enhance your business.

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